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Our Services

The range of Inspection Services provided by Weldspec includes the following:

  • Visual Weld Inspection:
    Welding Inspection of Weld Procedures, Welder Qualification, In Process Pipework and Structural Fabrication, Inspection to International standards not limited to, API 1104, Asme B31.3 Pipework, EEMUA 158 Fabrication of Jackets and Topsides.
  • Ultrasonic inspection:
    Conventional Ultrasonics, Phased Array, using PipeWizard and OmniScan encoded equipment.
    Jacket & Topside Inspection, Pipeline Inspection & Boiler Tube Inspection
  • Radiography (Both X-Ray and Gamma):
    Pipework Inspection various materials, Carbon, Stainless, Duplex and Inconel clad, All diameters and Thickness. Close Proximity Radiography, SafeRad System, working within a 1.5m exclusion zone allowing work to continue without shut down
  • MPI, Dye Penetrant and Eddy Current Inspection:
    Surface Inspection of all Materials.
  • Heat Treatment Services:
    Pre Heat and Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT), capable of onsite PWHT on the largest of components.

Weldspec continue to invest in the most up to date equipment, Olympus for Phased Array, GE Technologies for Ultrasonic’s, Yxlon and SafeRad for Radiography, Magnaflux and Johnson & Allen for MT & DP and Stork Technical Services for Heat Treatment.

Weldspec was established in October 1983, evolving over the years to become a Major Player in the NDT Industry both in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The company continues to be a family run business that offers the personal hands on approach which stands in good stead both with clients and personnel.

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